Cogov Toolkits

The Faculty of Public Administration University of Ljubljana and Span Ltd have developed the Co-Gov toolkit, which provides integrated support to public organisations in implementing co-creation. The toolkit consists of four tools tackling different aspects related to co-creation: 1) the Co-Ready tool supports the assessment of organisational readiness for co-creation; 2) the Co-Serve tool supports […]

COVID-19 and the Management of Public Services

The COGOV project explores how strategic management best enables managers and professionals in the public sector to exploit the drivers – and overcome the barriers – to the co-creation of innovative public value outcomes. COVID-19 provided COGOV with a further puzzle: To what extent can co-creation help the post-pandemic recovery in the short and medium […]

Leading and Managing Co-creation of Innovative Public Value

Leading academic Professor Jacob Torfing, Roskilde University, Denmark gave a fascinating presentation at a virtual seminar organised by Cardiff University on 22nd April. He provided some of the findings from COGOV, a 4-year EU funded research project examining co-creation and co-production in the public sector in 6 European Countries (UK, Denmark, Slovenia, France, The Netherlands […]