Leading and Managing Co-creation of Innovative Public Value

Leading academic Professor Jacob Torfing, Roskilde University, Denmark gave a fascinating presentation at a virtual seminar organised by Cardiff University on 22nd April. He provided some of the findings from COGOV, a 4-year EU funded research project examining co-creation and co-production in the public sector in 6 European Countries (UK, Denmark, Slovenia, France, The Netherlands […]

Developing Insights on Strategic Management

As we complete COGOV’s second year, this blog is an update showing how the many aspects of this programme of research link theory and practice to provide insights on the contribution of strategic management to co-production and co-creation. Figure: How CoGov translates strategic management theory into practical strategic management solutions and informs strategic management theory […]

How best can professionals become involved in the strategic renewal of local governments and public agencies?

Based on an extensive review of existing literature and supplemented by a pilot study, the Team at TIAS School for Business and Society, the Netherlands, have recently reported on their findings into the involvement of professionals in the strategic renewal of local governments and public agencies.  Their work covers the impact on professionals of changes […]