How best can professionals become involved in the strategic renewal of local governments and public agencies?

Based on an extensive review of existing literature and supplemented by a pilot study, the Team at TIAS School for Business and Society, the Netherlands, have recently reported on their findings into the involvement of professionals in the strategic renewal of local governments and public agencies.  Their work covers the impact on professionals of changes […]

Strategy and Policy: Unravelling the Impact of Strategic Behaviour on Public Policy

This blog summarises key results from a recent report, providing an overview of key policy and organizational trends in five countries (Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Slovenia) and seven policy sectors, thanks to 17 case reports and 41 interviews. The report aimed to: identify downwards facing models of government in use, locate strategic management […]

Co-production and co-creation in Slovenia: Between law and practice

At both, formal and declarative levels, Slovenia can be considered a positive example of a country that promotes co-production and co-creation as principles of good governance. While in recent years the government has adopted legislation promoting participation and consultation, research shows that these are not yet priorities for the Slovene Government. Law and Practice In […]