COVID-19 and the Management of Public Services

The COGOV project explores how strategic management best enables managers and professionals in the public sector to exploit the drivers – and overcome the barriers – to the co-creation of innovative public value outcomes. COVID-19 provided COGOV with a further puzzle: To what extent can co-creation help the post-pandemic recovery in the short and medium […]

How best can professionals become involved in the strategic renewal of local governments and public agencies?

Based on an extensive review of existing literature and supplemented by a pilot study, the Team at TIAS School for Business and Society, the Netherlands, have recently reported on their findings into the involvement of professionals in the strategic renewal of local governments and public agencies.  Their work covers the impact on professionals of changes […]

Teachers, doctors and social policy professionals at work: challenged by – but not victims of – public management reform

Professionals these days require quite some proverbial juggling skills. As we would say in Dutch: they need to keep many balls in the air at the same time. These ‘balls’ represent the many expectations professionals need to meet, ranging from dealing with managerial regulations and market incentives like competition with peers, to collaborating across professional […]