NISPAcee Conference

 24-26 May 2019


COGOV organised a panel at the NISPAcee Conference: Challenges in the strategic renewal of public administrations across Europe.

The panel discussion was designed around the idea that the desired whole-scale renewal and redesign of public administration organisations can most usefully be seen through a strategic management prism, that is one which integrates and goes beyond standard Weberian/bureaucratic and New Public Management (NPM) paradigms to display a greater concern for core and bottom up themes of public value, co-creation and democratic participation as complementary values to those of due process (Weber) or efficient and cost effective service production (NPM). The strategic management focus of the panel differs from an operational management perspective in that it is: organization wide, operates at a higher order than functional level strategies (e.g. Finance; Human Resource Management) and proceeds over a much longer time frame. In particular, we will focus on various downwards facing models of strategy and schools of thought that may help local governments and national agencies build more participatory, legitimate and inclusive decision making processes which we are exploring in our current and major EU Horizon 2020 funded project in this area.

You can read more on the panel and other presentations taking place at the NISPAcee annual conference here.


COGOV planel
Keith Shaw and Ewan Ferlie