D1.1 Literature Review Public
D1.2 Repository Practices of Strategic Renewal Public
D2.1 Template for case study selection, fieldwork and analysis Public
D2.2 Strategy and Policy: Unravelling the impact of strategic behaviour on public policy (policy paper) Public
D2.3 Patterns of strategic renewals Public
D2.4 The repertoire of practices for the strategic renewal of local government and public agencies in Europe Public
D3.1 Report on the diffusion of strategic management models in Europe (survey) Confidential
D4.1 Report on case studies of Public Administrations as arenas for coproduction and co-creation Public
D4.2 Creation of learning game ‘CO-CREATOR’ Public
D4.3 Archive of practices Public
D5.1 Stakeholder management governance 1 Public
D5.2 Stakeholder management governance 2 Public
D5.3 Toolkit Public
D6.1 Scientific Report: Conditions for Involvement of Professionals in the Strategic Renewal of Local Governments and Public Agencies, possible Impediments and Counteracting Mechanisms Public
D6.2 Toolkit for guiding public leaders Public
D7.1 Roadmap Public
D7.2 Benchmarking system Public
D7.3 Web-based Toolkit Public
D8.1 Dissemination Plan Public
D8.2 Practice Sourcebook Public
D10.3 ORDP: Open Research, Data Pilot Public