Work Package 1

Work Package 1 – Literature Review

Lead: Northumbria University

WP1 is a selective and structured literature review which take stock of the state of the art in several academic literatures with potential implications for the strategic management of public services organisations, in particular examining ‘downwards facing’ streams of literature on:

  • public value theory,
  • network governance;
  • participative models of digital era governance and
  • co-production/co-creation approaches in the public services.

The review will identify key concepts, arguments, drivers and barriers, as well as emerging gaps and lacunas in the extant knowledge, and enable the team to build a new and integrated theoretical framework which reflects these interesting ideas and which can then guide later modules in the project intellectually.

The review also aims at identifying from within the extant literature (both academic and grey) a number of promising practices of strategic and ‘downwards facing’ renewal of public services organisations across Europe. These will be introduced and contextualised in the proposed repository.