Work Package 3

Work Package 3 – Understanding strategic renewal in public agencies in Europe: A survey

Lead: Northumbria University

 WP3 consists of a large scale survey which will be delivered to ‘strategists’ in a large sample of local governments, cultural policy agencies and public agencies at the national level.   The WP aims to

  •  detect the relative diffusion of relevant downwards facing strategic management models and practices across the selected jurisdictions (and by extension, given the selected jurisdictions are representative of the key administrative traditions in Europe, to gain insights into their diffusion across Europe); it is in fact a central objective of the project to provide an empirical overview of what relevant downwards facing models of strategic management of public services organisations have relatively more or less diffused; this goal also paves the way to the other crucial objectives of:- detecting drivers (facilitators and enablers) as well as barriers to the adoption of relevant strategic management models, notably those centred on approaches of public value creation, network governance, co-production/co-creation, and participatory forms of digital-era governance, by testing hypotheses worked out in WP2;
  • detect instances of such co-production, co-creation and co-governance approaches in action and providing evidence further analysed in WP4 about innovative cases of co-production, co-creation and co-governance.

The findings of the survey-based analysis will be combined with the findings of the multiple case studies in order to create more robust explanations and extrapolation of ‘best’ practices for the strategic renewal of public services organisations in Europe.