Work Package 4

Work Package 4 – Experiences and practices of co-creation and co-production

Lead: Roskilde University

WP4 studies the strategic transformation of local governments and other public agencies into arenas for co-creation, by analysing change at four interconnected levels:

  • transformation of the overall strategic vision and mission of public administrations in ways that reflect the urgent need for co-created innovative solutions while aligning the new emphasis on co-created disruption with established bureaucratic routines and the legal obligation to provide a range of services in stable and predictable ways;
  • transformation of political and administrative leadership towards a growing appreciation of ‘distributed’ and ‘integrative’ leadership that seeks to expand boundary-spanning collaboration in solving complex problems by motivating relevant and affected actors to participate;
  • formation of relatively permanent digital or real life platforms that facilitate the construction of contingent arenas for co-creation and provide the necessary resources, infrastructures and sense of purpose and direction, while ensuring a ‘bounded autonomy’ of multi-actor collaboration;
  • transformation of the role perceptions and mentalities of the participating actors.

The WP aims to

  • identify and extrapolate practices for transforming in a sustainable way public agencies into arenas for coproduction and co-creation
  • create a learning game called ‘CO-CREATOR’ that aims to teach elected politicians and public managers how they can manage challenges and dilemmas arising in relation to co-creation and collaborative innovation. (The learning game will both be created in an online and board game version. The former will be available as a part of the project’s online resource.)
  • support the development of the local governments and public agencies that we have studied into beacons for inspiration and knowledge diffusion of practices of co-production, co-creation and co-governance