Work Package 6

Work Package 6 – Engaging professionals in the strategic renewal of public services organisations

Lead: TiasNimbas Business School

WP6 takes into consideration the role of professionals as potential change agents in the strategic renewal of local government and public agencies, and the embedding of these approaches to innovation in Public Administration. It investigates the approaches and tools that could be attempted to foster fair and productive reform initiatives for the public sector, with a focus on innovation in local governments and public agencies. As local professionals’ change capabilities and attitudes have been under scrutiny, and they are often considered from a change perspective to be resistant, strategic renewal initiatives need to be highly prepared to enhance their involvement, if they are to succeed rather than flounder. WP6 is dedicated to the voice of professionals as possible change agents, and considering the improvement of engagement, skills and expertise of public servants with these new approaches.

WP6 aims to:

  • Identify the main legal and strategic requirements (policies, regulations, reforms) framing professional roles in public management reform initiatives
  • Identify mechanisms encouraging and impeding the involvement of professionals in the renewal of local government and public agencies
  • Map motivations of professionals in implementing strategic renewal processes
  • Identify promising practices for professionals’ engagement with other partners and civil society from their point of view
  • Identify required skills for public servants in co-creation with other parties
  • Categorise how such innovative processes can be embedded in public administrations