Work Package 8

WP8 – Development, dissemination and knowledge exchange

Lead: King’s College London

A part of this WP the project aims to mix Research and Development activity throughout the life of the project in a rich and interactive manner. The idea is to offer a Development intervention (i.e. supporting the further strategic renewal of the public organisation being researched) to each participating case study agency as part of feedback to them – something which we also hope should sustain their motivation for engagement in the project. We are also keen to offer Development support to other receptive sites (subject to resource constraints) keen to adopt participative strategic management models

and practices. These Development interventions might include such options as: practices; Organizational Development facilitation to support planned change; action learning sets for professionals to reflect on issues at work; coaching to senior management.

These different development activities will also be tracked for their impact through a structured form of self-assessment and through the research team gathering such interim impact measures. This will enable the production of core project outputs like the Practice Sourcebook.

Dissemination – which will be by means of oral and written communication – will be targeted at:

  • public policy practitioners (defined widely to include: national policy makers, public managers, professionals working in public agencies, political leaders in local and central government, and third sector groups/NGOs representing concerned groups of users and citizens); and
  • academic audiences (especially those working in the fields of public management and social policy).

Dissemination also encompasses the organisation of three major conference events.

The WP aims to:

  • Develop a practice sourcebook utilisable by public services organisations across Europe for support in the development of processes of strategic renewal
  • Develop activities in trial sites to support development of strategic management models and practices for strategic renewal
  • Ensure the dissemination of project findings