Working papers

Policy Brief (April 2021)

Authors: Jill Dixon, Keith Shaw et al.

Policy Brief (February 2021)

Authors: COGOV

Co-creation in the Public Sector: A Survey

Authors: Andreja Pegan, Keith Shaw and Jamie Harding (Northumbria University)

Experiences and Practices of Co-creation and Co-production. The role of strategic management practices for co-creating public value outcomes

Authors: Jacob Torfing and Eva Sørensen (Roskilde University)

Conditions for Involvement of Professionals in the Strategic Renewal of Local Governments and Public Agencies, possible Impediments and Counteracting Mechanisms

Authors: Wiljan Hendrikx, Marlot Kuiper, Nicolette Van Gestel (TIAS)

Overview of the London Cultural Sector

Authors: Sam van Elk, Meghna Godya & Prof Ewan Ferlie (all KCL)

Stakeholder management governance in the cultural sector (Synthesis)

Authors: MARKMAN Eliel, SOLDO Edina, AREZKI Djelloul, MOUSTIER Emmanuelle (all AMU)